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GMU-APA Show Case Cultural Performanc Program 亞裔傳統月各族裔精彩藝術表演 --節目单


George Mason University



Office of Diversity Programs & Services


The 17th Annual

Asian Pacific American

 Heritage Month



Cultural Performance
Show Case



New World Bilingual Institute



7 PM, Saturday, April 10, 2010


GMU  Harris Theater


Special Thanks to all

 GMU/NWBI Members

Fabulous Performers and Volunteers



2010 GMU APA Month 17th Annual Cultural Performances Show Case                                                                                       

                                     Program /Performances


1.  NWBI Presidential Dragon Dance --- This Elite team was the only team selected to represent the Asian Community at 22009 US Presidential Inauguration Parade VIP Stand. Annual Opening Ceremony of DC China Town  Parades, City of Bowie Memorial Day Ceremony, Olympic 2008, World Art Sculpture Exhibition at GMU, Annual GMU APA  Month Culture Show, Case, International Week Ceremony.

It was invited to perform at 2009 Beijing International Culture Festival in Olympic           Bird’s Nest, 2010 Bowie City Memorial Opening Celebration and ShenZheng Culture Festival in July, 2010. It was the feature stories photos 3 times printed on Washington Post Front Page, 2009, 2010.All 40 plus members are the top students in schools


* * Opening Remarks ---Ms. Terry Wang, President, New World Bilingual Institute

                                       1993 Founding Committee Chair, GMU APA Heritage Month                                 

                                       Co-Chair, 2009 Culture Performance Committee 

                                       GMU International Education and Culture Consultant

** Award Presentation------- Dr. XiaoXian Yu, Associate Director, GMU-ODPS

                                                  Ms. Terry Wang, President, NWBI


** Master of Ceremonies---- Ms. Dianna Zhang, CC, Toastmasters Awardee

                                                 Ms. Alvina Jiao, NWBI 4H President

                                                 Mr. Richard Qin, Toastmasters Gavel Leader


** Stage Managers Mr. YuFeng Zhu, and NWBI Youth Leaders


3. Tai Ji Performance –-----Alan Zhao, NWBI- US National Wushu Team

 TaiJi is an artistic exercise that it blends with the beautiful movements and Qi

(energy) circulation, breathing, and stretching techniques. The same techniques

that was capable of developing internal power for combat also proved to be effective in healing and rejuvenating exercises and thus prolonging life


4. Alice Gu-zheng Ensemble  (Chinese zither) ----------Ms. Alice Kan, Director

 Performers  : Alice Kan,  Chong Li,  Grace Chu, Kent Kan, Li Li, and Phoebe Liu

 Song:  (1) Jasmine Flower: One of the most famous Chinese folk song

            (2) "A Chevalier's Laugh" and "ShangHai Beach."  

       Two most famous Hong Kong Golden Songs in Hong Kong in 1970s and 1980s. 


5. NWBI Creative Wu Shu (Kung Fu) Performance

Performers: Alan Zhao, Richard Li, Wen Li, Michael Qu, Jessica White, David White, Kathy Wu,  Mae Chen, Brother Chen


6. American Broadway Dance—-Dance ETC—Director—Ms. Ann Boyle

 Performed at Beijing International Culture Festival 2004; and Shanghai International Culture Festival 2006

 “I Miss Your Love” Jasmine Bagnerise; Tap Solo -Justin Allen

“Hello Beautiful”-Samantha Mellinger, “One Moment in Time”--Veronica Robertson   

  “Bye Bye Blackbird”-Lewis Johnson, Candice Ramsey, Brittney Ramsey, Justin Allen


7. Dai Girls at the Shore” Minority Dance -- Mu Ping Performing Art Group

    Performers:Claudia Bao, Danye Hu , Yao Wang

Dai is a very popular minority ethnicity in China for their unique music, dancing,

ducat them about this significance of this beautiful art form. Their famous

 Water Splashing Festival is to bless people by splashing water on them. In this dance you will see the scenes of three young Dai ladies cheerfully playing at the shore.


8. Korean Dance--"Noritoe"(Playground)  ------Ms.  Eun Soo Kim, Artistic Director

Performers: Grace Lainez, Roberta Choi, Joyeon Kim, Jaqueline Bae.


9. Chinese Yang Ge Dance------------ Rainbow Dancers

Performers Chiao-Chiao Li; Frida Zhang; Xiaohong Wang

Yang Ge is a dance style of celebration, very popular in northern China's countryside. 

The dancers show off the skillful use of the fluttering fans and handkerchiefs, alone

with swinging the body to music in festivals with cheerful tunes and movements

1). North Eastern Yang-Ge: The pretty Girl 2). Hai Yang Yang-Ge: The beautiful Sunset


10. Indian Dance--- Umang Dance Group ------- Director --Mrs. Achona Chhaya

Performers: Mrs. Achona Chhaya and Vooha Pataplapaputtu      

     Classical dances of India with modern medley.


11.  WCTO Chamber Ensemble – YuFeng Zhu, Group Coordinators

    Chinese Music Instruments – erhu , dizi, yangqin, ruan, zheng and piba

Thunders in the Dry Season..................... Ensemble, Canton Melody
Joyfulness .................................................Ensemble, Folk Melody


12. Taiwan Mountaineer Dance ------------ Rainbow Dancers

 Performers: Chiao-Chiao Li; Frida Zhang; Xiaohong Wang


13. Hawaii Dance------ --- ---- Ms. Addie Melelani Chang, Director

Performers: Eloisa Lamalani Casillas, Mary Pohakea McCracken,Latidjah Maluhia Miller , Carol La’akea Padgett

1).ALOHA NO KALAKAUA – a hula praising King David Kalakaua.  Beloved as a

 renaissance man and patron of the arts, he is credited with fostering the revival of

Hawaiian culture during his reign as Hawaii’s last king.

2).HE ALI’I NO OE – using the ‘uli’uli feather gourds, this lively dance  honors the

 Hawaiian ali’i.  The red and yellow feathers on the gourds are the colors for Hawaiian



2010 GMU APA Month 17th Annual Cultural Performances Show Case

Stars’ Profile—A Hearty Thanks to all Performers and Volunteers


New World Bilingual Institute (NWBI,www.nwbi.usI is a non profit educational

institute that  was established in1994 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. NWBI is

 affiliated with  GMU, and has partnership with  FCPS. The Mission is to empower

and enrich lives of all ethnic groups in greater harmony; To help people to appreciate

 diverse culture and ethical values through World language and cultural  awareness,

nationally  and, internationally; To foster in developing lifelong learners,  build

 self-confidence and achieve success for a tomorrow's leaders today.


NWBUSA Presidential Dragon Dance Team was official representative of Chinese

American and Asian American in performing at the President Obama 2009 US

Presidential Inauguration Parade VIP Stand, Opening Ceremony of DC China Town

Parades, City of Bowie Memorial Day Ceremony Opening Ceremony, Olympic 2008

 World Art Sculpture Exhibition at GMU, Annual GMU APA  Month Culture Show

 Case,International Week Ceremony, China ShenZhen US-China Cultural Festival

in July, 2010,and various of performances throughout  the years. It was the feature

stories photos 3 times printed on Washington Post Front Page, 2009, 2010.


The Alice Gu-Zheng Ensemble, a non-profit org., founded in 2002 by Alice and Kent Kan. It has 40 + artist ages 6 to 65, and has held over 90 performances since in Metro DC areas. It includes Taste America 2006 at Capitol Hill, APA Celebration, Keynote Program at the Library of Congress. The ensemble also plays traditional and contemporary, Western and Chinese modern pieces. The ensemble’s main goal is to introduce this ancient art with Mrs. Alice’s unique style and creation to all ethnics to enjoy the beautiful GuZheng music.

Dance Etc. School of the Arts was established in 1981 under the artistic directorship of Ann Boyle. It is the home of the Performing Arts Theatre which has performed in many venues including being the guest of the China Tourist Board to represent the U.S. at the International Festival in Beijing and Shanghai 2004, 2006.

Mu Ping Performing Art Group was established by Ms. Ping Mu who was the director of Perfuming Art for Beijing TV prior moved to US.  Ms. Mu has been dedicated trainer, chirographer, and teacher to bridge the arts and cultural between US and China by conducted many performances to dazzle the Communities with grace and beauty. Previous Ohio Governor George Voinovich praised MuPing as an “Ambassador of Chinese Culture” and Mary Eisenhower of People To People titled her as “Angel of Peace”

The Washington Korean Dance Company was established in 1986 to preserve and promote traditional Korean dance in the United States.   Dance has been an integral part of Korean culture since ancient times, and the company seeks to pass on this heritage to future generations The troupe regularly performs at various theaters in the DC area, includes Kennedy Center, the Dance Place and the Public Play House ,universities and federal agencies. Washington Korean Dance Company is recognized as one of the leading Korean cultural organizations in the United States.

Rainbow Dancers was a newly established performing art groups that dedicated to promote diversity of Chinese culture and performing arts.  It has  been performed an array of Chinese Folk dances in various  functions  around Metro DC areas and received high remarks.

Indian Umang Dance Groups is a group of folk dancers from India.  The group has been actively promoting the culture heritage of India through its folk dances since 1989.  The founder is Mrs. Archana P. Chhaya. She also oversees the Choreography and costumes design.  Umang Dance Group has been awarded a grant from the Smithsonian Institute in 1994.

WCTO Chamber Ensemble
A Chinese chamber ensemble is formed with the erhu, dizi, yangqin, ruan and zheng. Its
goal is to preserve and develop both ancient and modern Chinese music in American. As a part of the Washington Chinese Traditional Orchestra, the ensemble has performed
in many prestigious venues around the Washington DC and East coast that including Strathmore Music Center, MD, Baltimore Opera House, Smithsonian, UMCP Art Center, Pittsburg City Music Hall, Asian American Chamber Music Festival at the Kennedy Center, etc received “A superb performance" from the Washington Post.
HUI HULA O NA MELE ALOHA-- is a Reston-based performing troupe that is

 dedicated to sharing the music and dance of Hawaii and spreading the spirit

of Aloha.  The  goal is to promote an appreciation and understanding of hulain

its traditional, cultural context as a respected Hawaiian art form.  Their

programs incorporate an introduction to the language, geography, history and

folklore of Hawaii through ancient style chant (hula kahiko) and modern style

hula (hula auana).   Director Ms. Addie Melelani Chang, has been a dance

instructor in Fairfax County since 1989.  Her group performed in the Beijing International Cultural Tourism Festival in September 2005.